More than ever before, the challenges facing today's utility providers demand sound fiscal planning and policies. Effective communication with decision makers, ratepayers and other constituents is essential to this process. Our professionals are experienced and committed to clearly and effectively analyzing and communicating the financial issues, alternatives and proposals to all stakeholders. While Utility Cost of Service Rate and Fee Studies are a cornerstone of our practice, our financial and economic services are wide ranging, including:

Economic and Financial Analysis

  • Cost of Service Rate Studies
  • Utility Rate Design
  • Utility System and Company Valuations
  • Long-Term Financial Plans
  • Capital Budgeting / Financial Requirements
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Least Cost Planning
  • Pro Forma Revenue Projections
  • Municipal Franchise Agreements
  • Development Impact Fees
  • Financing Support for Bond Issuance / Feasability

 Utility Infrastructure and Convergence

  • Infrastructure Planning for Economic Development
  • Convergence of Utility and Telecom Networks
  • Convergence of Business Approaches
  • Convergence of Services
  • Policy and Regulatory Convergence